E.g., Monday, March 20, 2023
E.g., Monday, March 20, 2023
Katy DeFerrari Smiling

DeFerrari has worked for JCPS for more than 20 years

Perry Elementary under construction

Four year, long-term facilities plans unveiled

Mike Goss Speaking at a Toyota Event in Houston

President of Toyota USA Foundation

Karen Topping smiling

Topping recently completed JCPS’ Principal Internship program 

By Juliann Morris

Photo of Robert Moore

Robert Moore on Path to Lead Urban District

Tonkeyta Rodgers Smiling

Rodgers has served as principal at Olmsted Academy North since 2019

By Juliann Morris

Terra Greenwell smiling

Greenwell has dedicated her entire career to education and JCPS

January 20, 2023 

Clay Ryan Smiling

Currently serves as assistant principal at Western Middle School for the Arts

By Juliann Morris

Photo of Marshall Goldsmith with his hands upraised

Marshall Goldsmith credits JCPS teachers with getting him on path to success 

Team smiling around a trophy

Perfect doesn’t always take a lot of practice

By Dyuce Woodson