E.g., Wednesday, December 8, 2021
E.g., Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wallace Foundation grant will bolster equity-centered leadership

Porter: Pollio has proven dedication to students 'through difficult times'

picture of Speak Up device

Device translates electrical signals transmitted by speech muscles into words

picture of student coloring passport picture

Hawthorne Elementary offers the district’s only full-model Spanish Immersion Program

Lab’s cutting-edge technology to foster digital inclusion for students

jj.c.p.s. logo, update

The board voted to approve these programs at its October 7th meeting

New episodes will be released twice a month

'The only thing we’re really asking for is valid data ...

yearbook picture of tyree smith

Eastern HS teacher recalls student who was 'literally always smiling'

School one of only 5 public schools recognized in Kentucky in 2021 for distinction