On a Roll

Support from Western HS staff helps student keep honor roll goal

December 29, 2020 – Starting a new high school knowing few classmates is challenging enough; trying to do it while learning from home can be downright daunting, as freshman Deltrinique Henderson discovered.

Fortunately, the Western High School student has strong advocates in her corner.

Deltrinique started high school this year with an ambitious goal: to make the Honor Roll every grading period.  But when the self-proclaimed “hands-on learner” missed the distinction after the first six-week period during Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI), she quickly found support from the school’s staff.

Her mother, Keisha Henderson, contacted Western to ask about tutoring programs, organizational tips and other opportunities that could benefit her daughter.

“The whole reason I reached out to the school was because Deltrinique made that goal for herself,” Keisha said. “The help she received was great.”  School staff, including counselor Nicole Scales and librarian Rebecca Ansari, let her know about any issues or struggles Deltrinique was having, and gave her insight on areas her daughter could improve. 

“Mrs. Scales went above and beyond to help us, and even followed up,” Keisha said.  “I'm just so impressed, because I know it is not only Deltrinique having issues. None of the teachers I’ve reached out to ever made us feel like just another number. I just really appreciate it so much.”

Keisha said she has been equally impressed with Ansari. “Once we talked and I expressed my struggle she was just ready to be there in any way she possibly could and has been there since,” Keisha said.  “She literally texts me once a week with an update on Deltrinique and how she can improve. I know she doesn't have to do this, but she does it to help me and I can't even put into words how much I value her help.”

Scales said she knows this year has been challenging not only for students, but parents as well. “Because I can't connect like I would usually while our students are in the building, it's very important for me to make sure students and parents know that I'm always here to support them,” she said.  “We are a team.”

A health screener for Norton Hospital, Keisha works 12-hour shifts, three or four times a week, making it difficult for her to help Deltrinique stay on top of assignments.  “I am so thankful we got this help,” Keisha said.  “I wasn’t expecting the speedy responses.  I thought we would go by the wayside, because there are an overwhelming number of kids who need help.”

Deltrinique said she is ready to go back to school in the classroom – but she is grateful for the help she’s received so far.

And as for Honor Roll?  She made the list for the latest grading period.

“I thank Western so much, they just really have been so helpful,” Keisha said.  “I really think they are doing a good job getting students the help they need.”