Superintendent Pollio holds 2019-20 back-to-school press briefing

Dr. Pollio: “We have momentum on our side.”

Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio held a back-to-school briefing with reporters on July 29, highlighting key initiatives for te upcoming school year, promoting the annual 15th District PTA Clothing Blitz and sharing important information for families as students prepare to head back to class on August 14.

“I believe we are heading into this new year with momentum on our side in JCPS,” Superintendent Pollio said. “Now is the time where we transition as a district from an implementation phase to the impact phase with the work we’re doing around the JCPS Backpack of Success Skills initiative, our commitment to racial equity, and the continued strengthening of culture and climate in all of our schools.” 

Dr. Pollio stands at podium at Clothing Assistance Program

Superintendent Pollio said the 2019-20 school year will be about demonstrating the impact that initiatives such as the JCPS Backpack of Success Skills and the district’s racial equity plan are having on JCPS. Both were implemented under Dr. Pollio’s leadership during the 2018-19 school year, his first as the district’s permanent superintendent.

Since that time, he noted that students—kindergarten through grade twelve—have uploaded more than a million artifacts of learning into their digital backpacks as part of the Backpack of Success Skills initiative. Additionally, nearly 21,000 fifth, eighth and 12th graders defended their transition readiness, where they stood in front of panels of educators and community members and proved they were ready for either middle school, high school or postsecondary education.

This summer, the district took the Backpack initiative a step further with the launch of the first-ever Backpack League, where roughly 900 third through sixth graders are taking part in authentic, project-based learning experiences designed to accelerate their reading and math skills.

“Without question, we have made much progress over the last year—and I’ve never been more committed or resolute about the future of JCPS and where we are going,” Dr. Pollio said. “This is a long, step-by-step process, and we believe we are poised to do great things in year two.”

15th District PTA Clothing Blitz

During his briefing, Superintendent Pollio highlighted the 15th District PTA Back-to-School Clothing Blitz, an annual event that provides JCPS students and families with uniforms and other back-to-school clothing free of cost. Held July 29 through August 3, all JCPS families are eligible to participate. Students receive a new uniform, and families may shop for gently used clothing at the 15th District PTA’s Clothing Assistance Program (CAP).

To register for the event, families should contact their child’s school and ask about signing up for the 15th District PTA’s Clothing Blitz or call the district’s Family Resource and Youth Services Center at (502) 485-3703.

Back-to-School Reminders for Families

To help families prepare for opening day, Dr. Pollio also shared a few important reminders:

  • JCPS has launched a webpage with everything families need to help their students get ready to head back to school. The page, which can be found by visiting the JCPS website at, is a one-stop shop with information on back-to-school events, open house and orientation dates, health requirements, calendars and more.
  • The district has launched its Bus Finder feature on the JCPS website. Developed to help families find what bus their child will take, Bus Finder provides up to three stop locations near a student’s pick-up and drop-off address. It also includes bus depot information. Bus Finder can be found by clicking on the back-to-school section of the JCPS homepage.
  • From confirming transportation arrangements to making certain that families have verified where their child will be attending school, parents will also find a checklist on the JCPS website here with a few simple reminders to help students get ready for the first day.

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