Teacher is "Pumped" About Getting Vaccine

Grandfather Died from COVID-19

April Price’s 90-year-old grandfather was the picture of good health. Everett “Boone” Pike rode his stationary bike and exercised regularly. Pike was a popular, well-known beat cop with the Louisville Police Department. When he retired, the 3rd District police station was named after him. But COVID-19 killed him in September.

“That’s 100 percent a huge factor in my perspective on COVID” said Price, a teacher at Foster Elementary School. "It’s one of the reasons I'm looking forward to getting vaccinated. I’m stoked about it.” 

Photo of April Price

Vaccinations for Jefferson County Public Schools employees began January 22 with in-school staff from several elementary schools among the first to be scheduled. The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness is expected to give about 1200 vaccinations per day to JCPS employees, in alphabetical order by school name. Foster Elementary staff, including Price,  are scheduled to be vaccinated January 25.

Price has been talking to her co-workers, some of whom are “nervous” about getting vaccinated. She’s been referring them to scientific information about the vaccines but understands that it’s a personal decision.

For Price, it’s an easy call. She has several family members who work in health care fields and have already been vaccinated without side effects. She wants the protection herself.  Most of all, she knows the vaccination is the easiest path for her and her colleagues to get back in school buildings.

“I’m ready to see my kids and build relationships with them other than through a computer screen” she said.