Student Information

Intimidation/Harassment/Harassing Communication Toward Students

The Student Support and Behavior Intervention Handbook defines Intimidation/Harassment/Harassing Communications Toward Student as stated below:

Intimidation/Harassment/Harassing communications toward student is defined by activity or actions performed with intent to deliberately place a student in fear of bodily injury or other substantial physical or emotional discomfort (includes sexual harassment, verbal abuse, threatening, bullying, menacing, wanton endangerment, stalking, and harassing communications). Any of the aforementioned behaviors apply, even if performed with electronic devices.

  • Consequences may include placement in an in-school suspension program, a one- to three-day suspension, or a six- to ten-day suspension, with a parent/guardian conference.
  • Law enforcement officials may be notified by local school administration.
  • A referral may be made to Student Relations ([502] 485-3335).
  • Referral to an alternative placement could be initiated.
  • Legal action will be initiated when appropriate.