I want to apply for a grant. What steps do I take?
  • Contact Resource Development at (502) 485-3290. They will assist you to ensure that your grant application follows board policy.
I have just been awarded a grant or given a donation. What's my next step?
  • All grant funds and donations must be accepted by the board.
    • Grants—Contact Resource Development at (502) 485-3290. They can assist you in getting the grant on the board agenda.
    • Donations received must be entered through the online donation site. Information submitted will determine how the funds will be managed fiscally (School Activity Account, District Activity, or Munis).
  • All funds determined to be grants must be sent to Grants and Awards Accounting with the following:
    • All documentation concerning your grant (award letter, check, contracts, approved budget, etc.)
    • A Munis line item budget that totals the amount of the award/donation (Budget can assist you with this.)
    • Position control information for any positions to be funded
What is the difference between a budget revision and a general transfer?
  • A budget revision changes the budgeted or appropriation amount of two or more accounting codes.
  • A general transfer moves an expense from one accounting code to another. This does not affect the budget but does affect the available balance. (A credit to an account code will increase available balance; a debit/charge to an account code will decrease available balance.)
  • If approval from the funding agency is required before doing budget amendments, you must provide the written approval with your request. This can be done via email and/or fax.
When is a Professional Leave Form needed?

You always need an approved Professional Leave Form when:

  • The employee is a teacher.
  • An employee is requesting reimbursement for expenses relating to a conference or meeting that involves an overnight stay.
  • An employee attends a conference or meeting outside of their regular work year.
  • An employee attends a conference or meeting outside Jefferson County (excluding Frankfort).

For more information, see travel guidelines online.

Travel Guidelines

What grant financial reports can I get from Munis?
  • MTD (Month To Date) Project Budget Report (Summary or Detail)—Provides revised budget, monthly, quarterly, yearly and life to expenses, total of open encumbrances for specific time period
  • YTD (Year To Date) Project Budget Report (Summary or Detail)—Provides original budget changes, revised budget, total expenses, total open encumbrances and available balance for a specific time period
When I tried to enter the accounting code on a purchase requisition or extra service payroll, I received an error message that said the code was invalid. I have checked the accounting code and am sure it is correct. What should I do?
  • Go to Account Inquiry in Munis, and verify that the account code exists.
  • Make sure you are using ALL CAPS on your inquiry.
  • Contact Grants and Awards at (502) 485-3461 or Budget at (502) 485-6313.
When I tried to enter the accounting code on a purchase requisition or extra service payroll, I received an error message that said "The Project is beyond its end date." What should I do?
  • You are trying to use a grant outside the approved timelines. You must contact the Grants and Awards supervisor or coordinator to see if an exception can be made. Remember: The majority of grants have a specific time frame to be utilized. Most donations must be spent within a 12-month period, but there are exceptions that have shorter time requirements. Check your award notifications or grant documents.
What employer-paid fringe benefits will be charged to my grant?
  • Unless the funding agency does not consider fringe benefits to be an allowable expense, the following may be charged to your grant. (The actual fringes charged will vary depending on the type of employee and the type of funding.)

KTRS (Federal grants are at a higher rate than non-federal.)




Workers' Compensation

Other Municipal Taxes

Life Insurance

Long-Term Disability

Unemployment Insurance

Liability Insurance


Federal Health Insurance Federally 
Federal Flexible Spending Funded
Federal Administrative Fee Grants Only
Federal Life Insurance  


For more information, contact Financial Planning and Budget.


My grant is going to end next month. What should i do to prepare for this?
  • Begin closing all open purchase orders by ensuring that all items are received, receiving tickets are online, and invoices have been sent to accounts payable.
  • Ensure that all payroll for time worked is entered and processed before the last pay period of the month.
  • Monitor available balances in Munis, and ensure that everything is being expensed in the appropriate time frame.
I've noticed expenses that should not be in my account. How can I correct this?
  • Gather all supporting documentation.
  • Send a memo/email to the appropriate accounting clerk in Grants and Awards requesting a transfer of the expenses to another code. You must provide a code to cover the expenses and supporting documentation with appropriate approvals with your request.
Where can I get documentation pertaining to my grant?
  • Contact Grants and Awards Accounting at (502) 485-3461, and we will be happy to assist you.