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Governor Bevin discontinued this grant effective the FY19 school year. However, General fund has rescued this grant, and the project number is 160X.

Please contact Therese Brennan ([502] 485-6550) in the Finance Department for any assistance needed.  

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Professional Development in a Nutshell

704 KAR 3:035—Section 1(1)

"High-quality professional development" means those experiences that systematically, over a sustained period of time, enable educators to facilitate the learning of students by acquiring and applying knowledge, understanding, skills, and abilities that address the instructional improvement goals of the school district, the individual school, or the individual professional growth needs of the educator. Section 4(2) High-quality professional-development experiences shall be related to teachers' instructional assignments and administrators' professional responsibilities. Experiences shall support the local school's instructional improvement goals and be aligned with the school or district improvement plan or individual professional growth plans of teachers.

Project #: 140*

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