Title I

Title I in a Nutshell

Use of Title I Funds

Title I funds may only be used to supplement the funds that would, in the absence of Title I funds, be made available from non-federal sources for the education of children participating in Title I programs. In no case may Title I funds be used to supplant—take the place of—funds from non-federal sources. Following the completion of a comprehensive needs assessment, each Title I school must use Title I funds to focus on implementing instructional strategies, programs, or models that are research-based and scientifically proven to raise student achievement and help students demonstrate  proficiency, especially in literacy and mathematics. The increased achievement is to empower the entire educational program of the school. Title I is to specifically address the needs of its lowest-performing students. JCPS Title I funds must be used for instructional purposes only and related to literacy, math, and/or science. Title I funds may not be used to purchase non-instructional materials and may not be used to purchase books or materials that are “given away.”

Professional Development

The district will use Title I, Part A funds (10 percent) for professional development to ensure that teacher and paraeducators meet the requirement of becoming “highly qualified” and improve classroom instruction. Schools identified for improvement will allocate 10 percent of their Title I funds for professional development. Please refer to the JCPS Meal & Refreshment Guidelines.

Parent Involvement

Each Title I school receives an allocation that must be spent for the purpose of implementing meaningful and effective parent involvement partnerships that help parents support their children’s academic achievement. Parents must directly benefit from the use of Title I parent involvement funds. Parents of the school must have a say in how the Title I parent involvement allocation will be used to support parent involvement. A district Title I parent involvement and Family Literacy specialist is available to assist schools in the design and implementation of parent involvement policies, programs, and activities.

Title I Program Guidelines

Title I funds must focus on closing the instruction and/or gap areas of need. Funds should be allocated for evidence-based strategies to be used for the core program and levels of interventions. These strategies will be implemented for students not meeting their achievement goals in reading, math, and/or science.     

Not Approved for Funding

Supplant—Title I funds must be used to supplement and increase the level of funds that would, in the absence of Title I funds, be made available from non-federal sources for the education of children participating in Title I programs. Therefore, any activity, programs, staffing that would normally or routinely be funded through other state and local resources should not be funded out of Title I (e.g., furniture, school newsletter, copy machines, general office supplies, school orientation). Office supplies related to the maintenance of Title I purchased equipment is an appropriate expenditure but must be referenced when making the purchase.

Activities/Strategies that do not address gap areas of need may not be submitted for payment using Title I funds. Professional development for staff (such as principals, counselors, and administrators to attend conferences related to their position) is not allowed.  

Examples of conferences not allowed by Title I regulations: Kentucky School Counselor Association (KSCA) Conference, Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) Conference

Project #

Title I: 310*

Title I Parent Involvement: 310*M

* = Corresponding Alpha Letter Listed on Chart Below