Live Scan, Ink Fingerprints FAQ

LiveScan is digital fingerprinting and transmission of the impression directly to the FBI and/or Kentucky State Police (KSP) for processing.  

Fees are subject to change without notice.  

  • $51.25—All Certified Personnel
  • $51.25—Classified Administrators (Job Family II)
  • $51.25—Substitute Teachers and Student Teachers
  • $51.25—Contractors
  • $51.25—Classified
  • $51.25—Bus Drivers

Section 504 FAQ

Section 504 is the section of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that protects the civil and constitutional rights of persons with disabilities. Any recipient both public and private that receives or benefits from federal financial assistance must comply with the requirements of Section 504. The school district must provide a free appropriate public education to each qualified disabled person.