HB 151 Current & Proposed Maps

Important Note: The following information is for analysis only. House Bill (HB) 151 requires that no student be displaced from his or her current school.

Current Maps

Proposed Maps

The current maps show the impact of HB 151 based on the addresses of current students. The green dots represent the students who would continue to go to the school. The red dots represent the students who would be placed at another school.

The proposed maps show the current students who would attend the school.

Elementary School Maps

Alex Kennedy Current Alex Kennedy Proposed
Atkinson Current Atkinson Proposed
Auburndale Current Auburndale Proposed
Bates Current Bates Proposed
Blake Current Blake Proposed
Bloom Current Bloom Proposed
Blue Lick Current Blue Lick Proposed
Bowen Current Bowen Proposed
Breckinridge-Franklin Current Breckinridge-Franklin Proposed
Byck Current Byck Proposed
Camp Taylor Current Camp Taylor Proposed
Cane Run Current Cane Run Proposed
Chancey Current Chancey Proposed
Chenoweth Current Chenoweth Proposed
Cochran Current Cochran Proposed
Cochrane Current Cochrane Proposed
Coleridge-Taylor Current Coleridge-Taylor Proposed
Coral Ridge Current Coral Ridge Proposed
Crums Lane Current Crums Lane Proposed
Dixie Current Dixie Proposed
Dunn Current Dunn Proposed
Eisenhower Current Eisenhower Proposed
Engelhard Current Engelhard Proposed
Fairdale Current Fairdale Proposed
Farmer Current Farmer Proposed
Fern Creek Current Fern Creek Proposed
Field Current Field Proposed
Foster Current Foster Proposed
Frayser Current Frayser Proposed
Gilmore Lane Current Gilmore Lane Proposed
Goldsmith Current Goldsmith Proposed
Greenwood Current Greenwood Proposed
Gutermuth Current Gutermuth Proposed
Hartstern Current Hartstern Proposed
Hawthorne Current Hawthorne Proposed
Hazelwood Current Hazelwood Proposed
Hite Current Hite Proposed
Indian Trail Current Indian Trail Proposed
Jacob Current Jacob Proposed
Jeffersontown Current Jeffersontown Proposed
Johnsontown Current Johnsontown Proposed
Kennedy Current Kennedy Proposed
Kenwood Current Kenwood Proposed
Kerrick Current Kerrick Proposed
King Current King Proposed
Klondike Lane Current Klondike Lane Proposed
Laukhuf Current Laukhuf Proposed
Layne Current Layne Proposed
Lowe Current Lowe Proposed
Luhr Current Luhr Proposed
Maupin Current Maupin Proposed
McFerran Current McFerran Proposed
Medora Current Medora Proposed
Middletown Current Middletown Proposed
Mill Creek Current Mill Creek Proposed
Minors Lane Current Minors Lane Proposed
Norton Commons Current Norton Commons Proposed
Norton Current Norton Proposed
Okolona Current Okolona Proposed
Portland Current Portland Proposed
Price Current Price Proposed
Rangeland Current Rangeland Proposed
Roosevelt-Perry Current Roosevelt-Perry Proposed
Rutherford Current Rutherford Proposed
Sanders Current Sanders Proposed
Semple Current Semple Proposed
Shacklette Current Shacklette Proposed
Shelby Current Shelby Proposed
Slaughter Current Slaughter Proposed
Smyrna Current Smyrna Proposed
St. Matthews Current St. Matthews Proposed
Stonestreet Current Stonestreet Proposed
Stopher Current Stopher Proposed
Trunnell Current Trunnell Proposed
Tully Current Tully Proposed
Watson Lane Current Watson Lane Proposed
Watterson Current Watterson Proposed
Wellington Current Wellington Proposed
Wheatley Current Wheatley Proposed
Wheeler Current Wheeler Proposed
Wilder Current Wilder Proposed
Wilkerson Current Wilkerson Proposed
Wilt Current Wilt Proposed
Zachary Taylor Current Zachary Taylor Proposed


Middle School Maps

Academy@Shawnee Current Academy@Shawnee Proposed
Carrithers Current Carrithers Proposed
Conway Current Conway Proposed
Crosby Current Crosby Proposed
Farnsley Current Farnsley Proposed
Frost/Stuart Current Frost/Stuart Proposed
Highland Current Highland Proposed
Kammerer Current Kammerer Proposed
Knight Current Knight Proposed
Lassiter Current Lassiter Proposed
Meyzeek Current Meyzeek Proposed
Moore Current Moore Proposed
Newburg Current Newburg Proposed
Noe Current Noe Proposed
Olmsted North Current Olmsted North Proposed
Olmsted South Current Olmsted South Proposed
Ramsey Current Ramsey Proposed
Thomas Jefferson Current Thomas Jefferson Proposed
Western Current Western Proposed
Westport Current Westport Proposed


High School Maps

Academy@Shawnee Current Academy@Shawnee Proposed
Atherton Current Atherton Proposed
Ballard Current Ballard Proposed
Doss Current Doss Proposed
Eastern Current Eastern Proposed
Fairdale Current Fairdale Proposed
Fern Creek Current Fern Creek Proposed
Iroquois Current Iroquois Proposed
Jeffersontown Current Jeffersontown Proposed
Moore Current Moore Proposed
Pleasure Ridge Park Current Pleasure Ridge Park Proposed
Seneca Current Seneca Proposed
Southern Current Southern Proposed
Valley Current Valley Proposed
Waggener Current Waggener Proposed
Western Current Western Proposed