Installing On-Demand Interpreting Web App (PC or Chromebook)

PC or Chromebook (running the latest version of Chrome or Firefox):

  1. Open Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Go to this URL.
  3. Enter the Authentication Code. Call Language Services for the code. (For monetary reasons, please do not share the Authentication Code with non-JCPS employees.)
  4. Assign the laptop a name consisting of your location # and your last name.
  5. Tap on Activate Device.


If you use Chrome, you can add the LanguageLine web application to your desktop by navigating to the menu, “More Tools” / “Add to desktop.” Make sure there is only one tab open in Chrome.

Complete the Application Setup

  1. Tap OK when the pop-up “LanguageLine would like to access the microphone” appears.
  2. Tap OK when the pop-up “LanguageLine would like to access the camera” appears.
  3. Tap Help & Settings in the lower-left corner of the application’s Language Selection screen, and then turn off the “Default to video interpreters” option.
  4. Tap Place Test Call. Tap on the RED phone icon to end the test call.

Do not share VRI access information with parents, students, family advocates, or any agency. A JCPS employee must always be in charge of accessing VRI. This service is an expense; therefore, JCPS employees are responsible to manage the cost.