Logo Standards

Here are the standards for using the JCPS logo on various materials and in various contexts. Adhering to these standards keeps the JCPS brand strong and adds to the success of the district's identity.

Why are the logo standards important?

Consistency is paramount to the success of the identity system. Consistent use of the logo and supporting elements builds brand familiarity.  

Use only original artwork for reproduction. Printed images extracted from publications should never be used for scanning or electronic use when preparing graphics for application. Elements and marks may not be altered electronically or manually, nor can they be stretched, outlined, modified, or enclosed in shapes that appear to be an organic part of the element. 

To what types of materials do these standards apply?

These standards apply to all brochures, publications, periodicals, websites, and any other type of marketing materials produced by the district or partner agencies for internal and external audiences. Materials governed by these standards include, but are not limited to, the following: brochures, ads, websites, stationery, business cards, annual reports, magazines, newsletters, departmental program information, banners, posters, promotional videos, and apparel.


The JCPS superintendent has endorsed the district's graphics standards and has designated Materials Production to review requests for any exceptions or special permissions related to these regulations. To request an exception, call (502) 485-3302.

About the Logo Design

The plume in the center of the logo pays homage to the rainbow of the previous JCPS logo. It represents energy and upward movement, so it's an energetic symbol of the goal of always moving forward together. The book is a symbol of education, and its open shape represents a foundation that is open to the future. 

The colors also convey energy and movement. 

  • Blue represents the human mind and stimulates mental activity.
  • Green reflects growth and youth and symbolizes safety.
  • Red is a power color, reflecting the power of JCPS students and the JCPS community. 

Variations of the Logo

There are three basic versions of the logo—black, color, and white (to be used with dark backgrounds). When using the logo on documents that are for audiences within Jefferson County, use one of the basic versions with just the letters, JCPS. However, when the logo will appear on documents intended for audiences beyond Jefferson County, or for people who may not recognize the district by the letters JCPS, use one of the alternate versions that include the spelled out name, Jefferson County Public Schools

Get the Logo You Need

To save a copy of the logo for web/email use, right-mouse click on the logos below. To obtain a high-resolution copy for print use, email Dodie Wrocklage-Harp.

Color Versions

JCPS logo color
JCPS logo color words centered
JCPS logo color words right

Black Versions

JCPS logo black
JCPS logo black words centered
JCPS logo black words right

White Versions

There are also three white versions of the logo available for use on dark backgrounds.

Clear Space and Sizing

Maintain a clear space or margin on all four sides of the logo that is no smaller than the height of the uppercase letters within the logo. Nothing may intrude into this space. Do not reproduce the logo at a size smaller than 3/4 inch.

Unacceptable Logo Use

The logo is art that was carefully rendered. Any alteration, apart form proportionate scaling, is considered incorrect usage.

  • Do not use unapproved color variations.
  • Do not skew or distort the logo.
  • Do not re-create the logo with different typefaces.
  • Do no add elements to the logo.
  • Do not use the logo within a text block.
  • Do not add individual department names to the logo. Contact Materials Production to discuss using a department name with it.