JCPS has developed a completely new website. Pages on the old site have been updated and migrated into a new system—and many new pages have been created. In addition, there's an entirely new menu structure and a new "look and feel" that help accomplish several goals:

  •  It’s easier to find information. The new site isn't as "busy" as the old one. It’s more engaging, and the new navigation system focuses on the type of content that parents and students need most often.
  • New menus and pages also are available for employees, business partners, the community, and the media.
  • The website now has a more powerful search feature—a full Google search engine—and it's optimized to help everyone quickly find the information, tools, forms, and publications they need.
  • The site now looks and works better on any type of device—desktop computer, tablet, or phone.
  • A new calendar compiles all district information in a single location, but filters make is easy to find specific types of events.

The impetus behind the new site originated at a November 2014 meeting of the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE). Board members encouraged the district to revamp its site with a captivating design and state-of-the-art content management system. In March of 2015, the district signed a contract to develop the new site with the help of Fig Leaf Software, which is based in Washington, D.C., and is the same company that helped develop A team from Fig Leaf worked with a JCPS team through the initial discovery and design phases, and then both teams started actual development in late fall.

The JCPS site is now published in Drupal, a content management system that makes it easier for staff members throughout the district to collaborate. JCPS has trained staff in each department to manage their own pages, which are then submitted to editors for review before publication. The JCPS IT Department has installed servers for hosting the site and is working with the Fig Leaf group to ensure stability and maintain the system.

As mentioned above, meeting the information needs of parents and students is a paramount goal of the new site. It is designed to make is easier for Jefferson County families to ...

JCPS will continuously work to enhance the site to make sure it provides the type of content, tools, and functionality that meets the needs of the school community as well as the broader Louisville community.