Comprehensive School Survey

The Comprehensive School Survey (CSS) began during the 1996-97 school year and has been conducted every year since. It is given to all employees, all parents, and every student in fourth grade and above. Each year, more than 100,000 surveys are returned, and that data is then analyzed and used to direct dialogues and strategies for the future of JCPS. The CSS provides invaluable feedback to the board, principals, and teachers regarding the climate of their work/school environment. For more details about what the CSS Results can tell you, click here.

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Please note, to ensure anonymity, results with few than than five responses are not reported.

Overall CSS Data Tools

CSS Data Tools Focused on Social Emotional Learning

CSS reporting tools are also available focused on social-emotional learning. These reports enable you to compare social-emotional learning items across student, teacher, and parent surveys. Additionally, these reports aggregate student responses by race and gender. 

CSS Social-Emotional Learning—Compare responses for students, teachers, and parents.

CSS Social-Emotional Learning—Compare disaggregated student data by race and gender.

CSS Comparison Report

This CSS comparison report is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with tabs at the bottom for the students, parents, and staff survey results. The report includes analysis of the School's "Percent Agreement" by item compared to the district's "Percent Agreement." The School's Percent Agreement results are indicated by the following: yellow (at district percent), green (above district percent), and red (below district percent).

CSS Results as an Outcome of Learning Place Participation

Comprehensive Survey Results by OST Learning Place Partner