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Finding people

The JCPS Archives is frequently solicited for assistance in finding the present whereabouts and contact information for former classmates and teachers. We can offer some general advice on this subject. Once our associations end with students and employees, the district no longer has current information on them and the information would be confidential if we had any. 

What’s the best thing to do? 

  1. Check Facebook and other social media. Even if you don’t find a specific person you are seeking, you might find associates you can ask about that person. 
  2. Ask classmates and other associates if they have any information on the person you are seeking. Word of mouth still works!  Do other friends remember if your classmate moved out of town? Do they recall someone’s married name? 
  3. Check with your former school – does it have an alumni association? An alumni association may have ways of contacting your classmate. 
  4. A popular way to find information on people is to “Google” them, using the variety of general search engines available on the Internet. This is more successful if the person of interest is involved in activities documented on the web through their employment or other interactions. Besides searching for an individual’s name, you might check for official and unofficial Web sites associated with your school. 
  5. Death indexes: If you are searching for information on someone who may have died, one resource to check is the SSDI, the Social Security Death Index. The SSDI is available from several sources, including, and  Persons searching the SSDI should keep certain limitations in mind. Individuals listed in the SSDI have died from 1962 until approximately 2012 and the Social Security Administration had to be notified of the person’s death. If SSA wasn’t notified, the name isn’t in the index. Deaths within the last three years have not been added, due to new federal restrictions.  
    Rootsweb provides a searchable database at for deaths in Kentucky from 1911 to 2000. 
  6. You might think of other organizations and institutions that could have information, such as a local church where the person belonged or other membership group.
  7. We suggest that former students looking for favorite teachers contact the Jefferson County Retired Teachers Association through the group's website at If your teacher is not a member, ask the organization to check with its active members who could know the person.

Good luck!