Archives - About Us

The Archives and Records Center of the JCPS District is the official repository for all JCPS records. As the repository, the Archives and Records Center is responsible for complying with state and federal laws, including those governing privacy and public access; micrographics, photographic, or electronic storage and reproduction; and also the disposition and destruction of records.

The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives has established procedures, regulations, and standards for the retention, disposition, and reproduction of the records of state agencies. 

These procedures, regulations, and standards, pursuant to KRS 171.410-171-740, impose obligations upon JCPS. It is the responsibility of the Archives and Records Center to meet these procedures, regulations, and standards.

The Archives and Records Center is responsible for appraising, accessioning, preserving, and making available permanent records that have been preserved because of their continuing or enduring value beyond the time they are needed for administrative, legal, or fiscal purposes.