Kentucky Derby Festival
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One Day, Five Competitions

The annual JCPS Kentucky Derby Festival RoboRumble is a regional competition open to surrounding counties and the Archdiocese of Louisville.

  • RCX Robotics Challenge eXtreme involves teams programming their LEGO NXT/EV3 robot to solve defined challenges within a specific time. 
  • Robotics Use encourages building a robot to solve a real-world problem. The teams will describe how their robot solves the problem and are judged based on a defined rubric. (Example: Need to know when someone leaves your classroom? Design a robot to chime when someone walks out the door.)  
  • Sumo Bot is a double-elimination tournament where two robots try to remove or disable each other while staying on a raised circular ring.  
  • Live Programming involves on-the-spot programming. Teams are given several tasks the day of the competition and have two hours to build and program their robot to successfully complete one or both of the tasks.
  • Sphero Hero allows a team of students to create an original (short) dramatic story, to create an obstacle course as the stage for their story, and to program a Sphero (or any programmable robot) to navigate the stage autonomously while students narrate their tale to judges (3- to 5-minute limit). Teams build their own sets and use their own robots and materials to compete.