Archives—Guidelines for Visitors

Special rules apply to the use of unique or rare records in archival research: 

  • Please do not bring food or drink with you.
  • The Archives has a photocopier that may be used to make a few copies if materials are not fragile or restricted. Copies are ten cents a page.  The Archives accepts cash, check, or money order for payment. The Archives is not able to accept cards.
  • The Archives allows limited use of digital cameras—the flash should be turned off.
  • The Archives does not allow the use of scanners. 
  • Copies are for research purposes and personal use only. Other use requires permission from the Archives on behalf of JCPS. 

Our small research area is for visitors reviewing archival materials only. Archival research can be time-consuming. Please plan accordingly before bringing children or other visitors who are not doing research. Children must be supervised at all times.

Cellphone use within the Archives may be restricted to limit disruptions to other visitors and our staff.

Return to Visiting the Archives for information on making appointments and directions to the center.

If you make an appointment and your plans change, please call the Archives at 485-3098 to cancel so that we can accommodate someone else at that time if desired. We will reschedule another time with you if you wish.