Middle School Activities

Join the Club

Get involved with other students who are interested in the same things you are. Ask your teacher or counselor about activities and clubs you can join. Maybe there's an art group. Perhaps you can join a chess club. Or you might want to try out for your school's Academic Team.

Quick Recall—Quick Recall is an academic game played by two teams with exactly four players each. Questions for Quick Recall coordinate with the Kentucky Program of Studies. Players use a lock-out buzzer system to ring in before the other team's players on "tossup" questions. Ringing in first gives that individual the right to answer the question. If the tossup question is answered correctly in the appointed time limit, that person's team gets a bonus question read to them. Teams may confer on bonus questions. If the team that won the bonus answers incorrectly, the other team gets the opportunity to answer. This is called the "bounce-back bonus."

Problem Solving—As members of a problem-solving team, students learn to work together in an ever-changing environment. It involves gathering and sharing information; brainstorming ideas; defining a specific problem that, if solved, may lead to the solution of other problems; selecting and improving on a best solution; and describing that solution so that others understand. The problem-solving process helps students improve their research skills; improve their thinking skills, both creative and critical; and increase their communication skills. Teams compete in practice sessions during the league season and compete again at Governor's Cup.

Middle School Tournament—League culminating Quick Recall tournament for all JCPS middle schools

Governor's Cup—Three-tiered Kentucky Association for Academic Competition (KAAC) competition progressing from district- to regional-level, and then to state-level, competition. Includes Quick Recall, Future Problem Solving (FPS), and written assessments.