Services & Guidelines

Pony Mail

  • Pony mail is sent to district locations.
  • Mail sent through the Pony should be clearly marked with the location name and the recipient.
  • Indicate your name/location in the return address portion.
  • Religious, personal, political, and commercial advertisements are prohibited from being sent through the Pony.
  • Metal clasps must be covered.
  • Mail must be sealed.
  • If you use a recycled envelope, please remove or thoroughly mark over the old address information.
  • Band together mail that is going to the same location.
  • Incorrectly addressed mail will be opened and returned to the sender.

First-Class Mail

The Mail Center is capable of sending first-class mail (business size #10 or white 6" x 9" envelopes) at the discounted price of $0.378 per piece for 1 ounce and 2 ounce mail. That’s a $0.122 to $0.30 savings!

  • Clearly address mail with legible writing. Printed labels in at least ten-point font are preferred.
  • Use a full return address, including "Jefferson County Public Schools," your location name, street address, city, state, and ZIP Code.
  • Mail should be facing the same direction and banded or placed in a box marked “First-Class Mail.”
  • If you tape the envelope closed, the tape must not carry over to the front of the envelope.
  • If you are not sending a certificate or picture, please fold the contents and use regular business-size envelopes since mail is calculated by weight and size.
  • If you are mailing letters and your business-size envelopes are more than ¼" thick after trifolding, they will need to be folded in half instead and placed in a white 6" x 9" envelope.
  • If labels are used, they must be centered and straight.
  • Metal clasps are not allowed for first-class mail.
  • Staples are not allowed in first-class envelopes.

Bulk Mail

Send mail at $0.141 for each piece! Please call the Mail Center for instructions before you start a bulk mailing.

Report cards, progress reports, medical records, and other personal information may not be mailed as bulk mail.

  • Bulk mail must have at least 200 pieces, and each piece must be exactly the same.
  • Addresses must include “or current resident” in the address or a return service endorsement on the piece.
  • Bulk mail may include newsletters, fliers, envelopes, and postcards.
  • It must not include personal information, except for the address.
  • It must include "Jefferson County Public Schools" in the return address section.
  • It may not have any handwritten information inside except the address.
  • One-page newsletters must be placed in an envelope.
  • Two-page newsletters may be bifolded and tabbed closed. Learn more about tabbing regulations.
  • If you are mailing letters and your business-size envelopes are more than ¼" thick after trifolding, they will need to be folded in half instead and placed in a 6" x 9" envelope. (You may use brown envelopes for bulk mail.)
  • Postcards, newsletters, and 9" x 12" manila envelopes must be prestamped with the permit stamp.
  • The 1163 permit stamp may be used only on mail that is brought to the Mail Center or mailed through Materials Production.
  • It’s a federal crime to place mail with the nonprofit 1163 permit stamp on it in a mailbox.
  • All bulk mailings must be sorted by ZIP Code and facing the same direction.
  • A list of ZIP Codes with quantities and the grand total must be provided with the mail.
  • Bulk mail takes five to seven days for the USPS to deliver. Please keep this in mind for dated events when planning for a bulk mailing.

Certified Mail

  • Certified mail is used to ensure that your mail arrives at its destination.
  • When you use certified mail, a date-stamped receipt is issued.
  • The recipient’s signature is obtained at the time of delivery, and a receipt is delivered to the sender.
  • If you send a letter via certified mail, please leave completed forms attached to the envelope.
  • Include your location name on the green and white slip so that the receipt can be returned to you. Do not write in the white postmark area.


Insertion of correspondence and other printed matter into window envelopes (in excess of 100 pieces) is available in the C. B. Young Mail Center. A completed Mail Drop-Off Form is required. Please call Shawna at Ext. 3325 in advance.


Automated sealing of standard-size gummed envelopes for mailing is provided by the Mail Center. Always leave the flaps down to ensure that the flaps are not damaged. Please note on the Mail Drop-Off Form that sealing is needed. Mail will need to be separated by what needs to be sealed and what is already sealed. This service is only available when inserting and/or metering is done by the Mail Centers.

Envelope Printing

Names and addresses can be printed directly onto envelopes for bulk mailings. Please call Amanda at Ext. 3325 in advance to schedule.