English as a Second Language—Adult

The Jefferson Skills U offices and class sites are open virtually, and our staff is working to help you attain your educational goals through virtual instruction. If you are a current student interested in continuing your studies online or a new student who wishes to improve your English language skills, please email Laura Jimenez or call (502) 953-0930 for more information. 

You can also access the enrollment form here.

The goal of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is to equip nonnative English speakers with the language skills needed to live and work successfully in the United States. Students also gain knowledge that empowers them to be supportive parents to ensure the success of their children in the K–12 school system. The two types of classes offered are Basic Life Skills English classes and Academic English classes.

Life Skills English Class Information

Life Skills English Classes—Intake Process

The Academic English classes meet the needs of nonnative English speakers who are functioning at higher levels. This program helps nonnative English speakers transition into GED classes, postsecondary education, or careers. Classes provide intensive instruction for intermediate- to advanced-level students.

Academic English Class Information

Acadmic English Classes—Intake Process