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Featured Classes for March 2018

  • Acrylic Painting for Everyone: Discover how to use acrylics, gold leaf, foil, stamps, and permanent markers as you become versed in various painting techniques and immersed in color. Begins March 20.
  • Camp Zachary Taylor: The Building of a Training Camp: Discover in-depth details from the inception to the completion of this camp dedicated to training soldiers for battle. Begins March 19.
  • Cave Hill Cemetery Civil War Monuments Tour: Enjoy a tour through Cave Hill Cemetery exploring the unique Civil War monuments. Begins March 16.
  • Genealogy for Beginners: Learn to decode documents and terminology from earlier eras and search for insights into your history. Begins March 6.
  • Italian for Beginners: Cover the conversational barrier including how to order food, catch a taxi, and ask for directions. Begins March 14.
  • Meditation: Enhance peace of mind, uplift your mood, and increase concentration with techniques including guided visualization, breath awareness, color meditation, and chakra meditation. Begins March 14.
  • MSD EPSC Contractor Training: Designed for contractors, inspectors, and utility company personnel who supervise construction, this course explains the EPSC measures to be installed on construction sites and the documentation necessary to comply with the EPSC Ordinance. Begins March 28. Other start dates include April 24 and May 29.
  • MSD EPSC Home Builder Training and Certification: Residential property contractors learn what the inspector is looking for and the EPSC methods that need to be installed. Begins March 28 or May 29.
  • MSD Qualified Post-Construction Inspector Program: Certification allows participants to perform inspections and oversee maintenance activities in accordance with the SQMA. Begins March 21. Other start dates include April 25 and May 23.
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estates: Protect your assets by understanding how these pieces work in your favor and provide financial security to your loved ones. Begins March 13.

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