New Employee/Teacher Orientation

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

All Classified employees who are new to the district are required to attend a 4.5-hour orientation. Content covered in the New Employee Orientation includes the following:

  • JCPS Overview
  • Teaching Strategies for Instructional Employees
  • Customer Service Training
  • Compliance Information and Employee Relations
  • Safety and Environmental Procedures
  • Technology and Benefits Information

New employees receive information regarding orientation through the Welcome Center.

New Teacher Orientation

New Teacher Orientation is the introduction of the beginning Certified JCPS teacher to the school district. This is the setting in which teachers are acclimated to the goals, expectations, and nuances of JCPS, and it is the first professional educator event that our new teachers experience. Sessions are designed to provide participants with strategies to engage, motivate, encourage, and teach students with a variety of learning needs and from diverse backgrounds. District content leaders provide an overview of important focus areas and resources in an effort to support the transition of new teachers to JCPS. Content, Technology, Best Practices, and Classroom Organizational Strategies are shared to support new teachers as they strive to build a culture of learning in their classrooms. 

New Teacher Mentoring (formerly KTIP)

This program is an extension of the orientation process designed to support and retain new teachers and to help with their professional growth so they become better teachers for our students. Mentoring is designed to be two semesters and involves pairing an existing teacher leader with a new teacher to the profession in order to provide a nonevaluative coach through ongoing mentoring, just-in-time professional development (PD), observations, and support.

New Teacher Induction Series—Supporting the Beginning Teacher

This series of professional learning workshops is designed to support the beginning teacher in developing the skills needed to be an effective classroom teacher. The induction workshops include the following strands: Building the Learning Community, Student Engagement, Effectively Educating Diverse Populations, Reflective Teaching Practices, Organizing Your Classroom for Success, and Communicating With Students and Parents. Special invitations will be extended to mentoring program participants and instructional classified employees. Follow-up PD may be made available as webinar sessions throughout the year.

Note: All internal information regarding best practices, updates, requirements, policies, statutes, and regulations for employees are found on  pdCentral under the Quick Help tab, The Learning Link (a JCPS internal site).