General Educational Development

For adults 18 years or older who have withdrawn from school, Jefferson Skills U offers free morning, afternoon, and evening classes available throughout Jefferson County to upgrade skills and prepare for the General Educational Development (GED) test.

Ways to Enroll

  • Call (502) 485-3400 to schedule an appointment.
  • Walk in to the Student Services Center at Ahrens (546 South First Street, Room 103).

Steps to the GED Credential

  1. Schedule an appointment to take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Assessment (an assessment that helps staff determine if you are GED-ready or if you need to brush up your skills before taking the GED test).
  2. If your TABE Assessment determines that you are GED-ready, staff will schedule you for the GED Ready test (a pre-GED test required by the Commonwealth of Kentucky). The cost of the GED Ready test is covered by vouchers provided by Kentucky Skills U.
  3. When you pass a section of the GED Ready test, staff will give you information to make your GED test appointment in that subject. Financial aid may be available to help cover a portion of the cost of the test.
  4. If your TABE Assessment determines that you need some brush-up prior to taking the GED test, you will be scheduled for a class that best suits your needs. 
  5. Retesting is done periodically to determine academic progress and GED readiness.