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JCPS offers a school choice system unlike any other. We boost academic success by letting parents apply to the school or program that best meets their child’s needs and matches his or her learning style.

Elementary Schools

Elementary schools focus on the basics—reading, writing, math, science, and social studies—but they also get students interested in a wide array of other subjects, including the arts, physical fitness, world languages, and technology. Parents can apply for their child to attend any school in the cluster of schools that serves their home address, and they also can choose from a wide selection of magnet schools and programs. From technology to the visual and performing arts to sports and physical fitness, JCPS elementary students can explore their favorite subject while they build solid skills in core areas. Check out the district's Choices guide to elementary schools.

Middle Schools

Students in JCPS middle schools can choose to go to the school that serves their attendance area, or they can apply to a magnet school, magnet program, or optional program. All of the district's middle schools keep students interested as they tackle new topics—and teachers don’t just encourage the students to think about their future. JCPS middle schoolers start making plans. Even sixth graders explore careers and start getting ready for college. Check out the district's Choices guide to middle schools.

High Schools

JCPS high schools take college and career preparation to a new level—one that’s several steps beyond the typical high school experience. In addition to magnet schools and programs, students can apply to any school in one of three geographic networks. Each network has a selection of 5-Star Schools that offer courses in an array of Professional Career Themes, including engineering, healthcare, and information technology. Students work on real-world projects, and Louisville companies, community organizations, colleges, and universities provide support. Check out the district's Choices guide to high schools.

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