High School Athletics

Cheerleaders posing on gym floor

High School Athletic Vision Statement

High school student athletes will enhance their ability to achieve academically and athletically through strengthening their emotional, social, and physical development to foster problem-solving skills, teamwork, and resilience.

This page contains information for parents, students, and coaches about what's required in high school athletics.

One requirement for parents and students is they must view the JCPS Health & Safety Video. Students must watch it annually; parents must watch it one time at each grade level (middle and high). Coaches must stay current in their certification of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) Sports Safety Course.

The KHSAA governs all schools and sports in the state. The KHSAA currently sponsors football, soccer, field hockey, cross-country, volleyball, golf, boys' basketball, girls' basketball, wrestling, archery, bowling, competitive cheer, swimming, baseball, fastpitch softball, track and field, and tennis. The association's bylaws create rules for all sports, including limitation of seasons, transfer rules, recruitment and influencing students, officiating, sportmanship, and requirements to coach.

Looking for scores across Kentucky in all team sports? Visit the KHSAA Scoreboard.  


High School




Competitive Cheer Ninth Grade, Junior Varsity (JV), Varsity Boys and Girls
Football Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Boys
Field Hockey Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Girls
Volleyball Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Girls
Soccer Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Boys and Girls
Golf JV, Varsity Boys and Girls
Cross-Country JV, Varsity


Archery Varsity Boys and Girls
Basketball Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Boys and Girls
Bowling Varsity Boys and Girls
Competitive Cheer Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Boys and Girls
Swimming JV, Varsity Boys and Girls
Wrestling Varsity Boys


Tennis Varsity Boys and Girls
Track Varsity Boys and Girls
Fastpitch Softball Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Girls
Baseball Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity Boys
Lacrosse JV, Varsity Boys and Girls


Cheerleading Ninth Grade, JV, Varsity  
Dance Varsity  
Chess Varsity  
Quick Recall JV, Varsity  
Future Problem Solving All Levels  
Speech and Debate Varsity  
Band All Levels  
Beta Club