The Next Phase of Learning: In-Person and Virtual Learning Options

young student sits at computer watching virtual meeting with other kids

We look forward to the day our students and staff can safely return to our school buildings for instruction.  A decision to return to the In-Person Learning Option will be made after careful consideration of data in our community and guidance provided by state health officials.  The health and safety of students and staff in our JCPS community will always be our top priority and all guidance from the Kentucky Department of Education will be followed.  JCPS has developed a plan for returning to in-person instruction. To review our plan, read A New Way Forward.

Options for Families

As we prepare for the next phase of learning, we need your help.  Please indicate to us how you would like your student to continue learning when we can safely reopen our buildings.  Families can select the In-Person Learning Option or continue learning online with the Virtual Learning Option.  This will help us plan staffing and ensure all the necessary resources are in place for both learning experiences. The selection form is available at the bottom of this page and families can make changes to their selection prior to our buildings reopening.  Families can select different learning options for children living in a household.  By indicating to us now which option you believe you would like to take part in, we can streamline our planning.  We understand circumstances may change and families may need to adjust their selection.

JCPS Family Selection Dashboard

See how many families have selected the in-person or virtual learning option in the district and at your school

What’s Ahead

The information we are sharing with you about the next phase of learning will be a part of our proposal that will be presented to our Board of Education for approval.  It is our goal to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision about what is best for your student and your family.  The In-Person Learning Option will be available to students in pre-K through 12th grade, when it is safe to do so after considering health data from our community.  A decision on when our school buildings will reopen has not been made at this time.

Review Options

Please review details about both options below. Schools are finalizing their individual plans for the In-Person Learning Option and the Virtual Learning Option.  Those plans will be posted on the JCPS website.

In-Person Learning Option     |     Virtual Learning Option

Please complete the selection form below as we plan for the next phase of learning.  This will let us know if you would like to be a part of the In-Person Learning Option or the Virtual Learning Option.  You can edit your selection by returning to the selection form.  At the end of the selection process, please make sure you complete the Return to School Transportation Form if your student will be returning to a physical school building.  This form will let us know if your child will be a car rider or a bus rider.

Make Your Selection