Virtual Learning Option

Online teacher pointing at white board on student laptop screen
When school buildings begin reopening March 17th, there will be a Virtual Learning Option available to families.  We understand the importance of continuing remote learning during this time and we want families to make a selection that meets your family’s needs.  The Virtual Learning Option will feel similar to NTI 2.0 and students will still use Google classroom for their assignments.  All students selecting the Virtual Learning Option will need access to a device and a stable internet connection.  If you have a device and a WiFi hotspot from JCPS, you can keep those to use while participating in the Virtual Learning Option.

Virtual Learning Option at your School

Students in the Virtual Learning Option will be able to remain enrolled at their current school.  It is our intent to keep students with their current teacher(s) but it will depend on the number of families selecting the Virtual Learning Option and the In-Person Learning Option.  Students will be taught by JCPS teachers.  If students have started courses during NTI 2.0 that need to be completed, they will be able to do so. Google Meet and Microsoft Teams will continue to be used for live online instruction.

Extracurricular Activities

Students who enroll in the Virtual Learning Option will be able to participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics, offered at their school.  

FAQ Sheet About Virtual Learning Option

Student Services 

Gifted and Talented programs, Advanced Placement and Programs, Special Education and English as a Second Language services will be provided to students in the Virtual Learning Option.  These services will mirror what is traditionally available to students in-person.


Students who select the Virtual Learning Option will be able to receive meals from their school.  Breakfast and lunch will be available to all students.


The schedule for the Virtual Learning Option will be determined by each individual school.  The principal will communicate the schedule with families.  It is recommended that students remain in the Virtual Learning Option for the remainder of the school year though families will be allowed to switch to in-person learning.

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