The In-Person Learning Option

young students sitting at desks raise hands to teacher at front of classroom

We have become accustomed to wearing masks in our daily lives and masks will be a required element for students pre-K through 12th grade who return to the In-Person Learning Option.  Masks will also be required of all employees at school buildings. Masks will be required throughout the day, except when eating or drinking or if a student has a medical waiver on file at the school.  A mask will be provided to students if they don’t have one when entering the school building.


If your student will be riding the bus, families will be required to submit a form indicating their student is entering the bus without a fever.  Every student will be required to wear a mask (unless they have a medical waiver). A mask will be provided to students if they don’t have one as they enter the bus.  The bus will load from the back seat to the front seat and social distancing guidelines will be followed as advised by the Kentucky Department of Education.  The windows will be open on the bus, weather permitting. There can be more than one student per seat on the bus.  If your student’s bus travels through a depot, all social distancing guidelines will be followed and high touch points will be cleaned. Hand sanitizer will be provided to the students on the bus and buses will be sanitized between routes.  Students will have assigned seats on the bus and students living in the same household will sit together. 

School Arrival

Before any student enters the school building, their temperature will be checked by a school staff member to see if they are running a fever.  If a student is not running a fever, the child will proceed into the building.  If a student is running a fever of 100.4 F, they will go to a designated area in the school under adult supervision and a family member will be notified.

Each school will have their own unique process for handling arrivals to ensure safety protocols.


All desks will be spaced apart to support safety guidelines.  In classrooms, seating will be organized so that students are facing the same direction and are socially distanced.  It is our intent to keep students with their current teacher(s) but it will depend on the number of families selecting the Virtual Learning Option and the In-Person Learning Option. 

Breakfast and Lunch

Meals will be served at school to students who select the In-Person Learning Option.  How the meals are distributed will be determined by each school. Students will eat lunch and breakfast following social distancing guidelines. 

Hand Hygiene

Students will notice additional hand sanitizer in their school building.  Hand sanitizer will also be available in every classroom.  There will be more opportunities for students to wash their hands during the day at school.  

School Dismissal

The dismissal plan will be individualized for every school and schools will continue to ensure social distancing.

School Cleaning

School buildings will be cleaned nightly in accordance with all health and safety protocols.  

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