Voluntary Administrative Transfer/Reassignment Local School

Assistant Principal/Counselor

When school-based administrators (assistant principal/counselor) voluntarily transfer or accept a voluntary reassignment from one school location to another, or when an employee is a “new hire” administrator, there is a district expectation that by accepting the position, barring unforeseen promotional opportunities, the individual has made a commitment to stay with that particular school for a sufficient period of time, to become a part of the team, and to make a significant contribution to the overall success of the school. The terms of this expectation are normally for a minimum of at least two years. For those individuals who have fulfilled this commitment, and are interested in a voluntary transfer or reassignment from one school location to another, the following process will apply:

  1. As positions become available during the year, building-level administrators will have an opportunity to apply for transfer consideration. A transfer means a lateral move with the same pay grade/level from one building/school location to another.
    1. High School Assistant Principal - Grade 12, 215 days
    2. Middle School and Elementary School Assistant Principal - Grade 11, 215 days
    3. High School and Middle School Counselor - Grade 9, 215 days
    4. Elementary Counselor – Grade 9, 195 days
  2. The JCPS Personnel Services department will maintain a current listing of administrative vacancies online. Information concerning specific vacancies can be obtained from the HR Specialist for Central Office & Administrative positions by emailing JCPS.Admin-CO-HR@jefferson.kyschools.us .
  3. Application documents must be submitted using the District’s current applicant tracking system. Eligible administrators may select any school that is listed on the online application system.
  4. All requests are maintained in the District’s applicant tracking system.
  5. Any time an administrative position becomes available, individuals who have properly submitted an application will be considered for the position according to the procedures established at the local school. All eligible requests will be forwarded to the principal/School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council for consideration.
  6. The superintendent retains the discretion, when it is in the best interest of the involved school(s), to remove individuals from consideration. Any individual removed from consideration will be notified.
  7. The list of qualified candidates may be considered for the vacancy. 
    1. Qualified candidates are defined as those who hold appropriate certification, meet all of the minimum qualifications, and have applied correctly by the posting deadline. 
    2. Candidates include persons who currently hold administrative positions at one school level but have applied for a promotion to another school level, qualified persons seeking promotion from within the district, and persons seeking initial employment from outside the district.
  8. All local school administrator transfers, reassignments, and employment decisions must be made in accordance with the employment requirements of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), including the requirement for “consultation” with site-based councils, and any site-based council-adopted policy governing hiring decisions, as well as JCPS Board Policy.
  9. In the case of an overstaff situation, the superintendent reserves the right to place necessary staff before any transfer or new applicant would be considered for the position.