Extended School Services -Title I

What is the Extended School Services Program?

Extended School Services (ESS) is a program of instructional services provided by schools for students who need additional time to achieve expected outcomes.

The ESS Program has been designed to be proactive. It seeks to diminish academic problems before they become recurring, long-term problems for the student. Through early intervention, the performance gap between ESS students and their peers is closed instead of allowed to widen. If appropriately implemented, the ESS Program allows for the type of intervention that can make a significant difference to a student who previously would have fallen through the cracks, perhaps eventually dropping out of school or settling for lower expectations in his or her school career.

ESS Funds provided by the Kentucky General Assembly allow every school district to operate a program for students having academic difficulties. The ESS Program takes many forms, including daytime, after-school, and before-school instruction; Saturday activities; summer programs; or intersessions.

The intent of ESS instruction is to collaborate with the teacher and subject-area goals of the regular classroom in which the student is having difficulty. Eventually such collaboration will minimize the student's needs for ESS.

The ESS Program provides opportunities for the student to put learning in context to ensure that not only basic skills are acquired but also comprehension is gained.

The program is instructionally strong and is directly related to the instructional goals of the students. They provide the very best mix of curricular and instructional approaches for academically at-risk students. Evaluation of the program is continuous and is based on how well the ESS students achieve in the regular classroom.

Contact Information

Maria Carrico
ESS Coordinator

For more information on ESS, visit the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) website.

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