Apply for 6th -12th Grade Virtual School

JCPS is opening a new virtual education program for students in grades 6-12 beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. Students will have a rigorous curriculum and be held to the same high academic standards as their on-campus peers. Students will not have to attend virtually for the entire school day, but there will be a structured schedule for synchronous (live) or asynchronous (on-demand) learning. Students will be able to receive Special Education and English Second Language (ESL) services. Devices will be provided to students who need them.

Pathfinder School of Innovation Students Are:

  1. Self-directed and committed to learning
  2. Comfortable learning in a virtual environment
  3. Reachable and responsive
  4. Willing to take advantage of available support services
  5. Ready to connect, share and collaborate

Once accepted, students will only be enrolled in Pathfinder School of Innovation and NOT their previous school. They will have the opportunity to participate in clubs/activities at Pathfinder School of Innovation, but will NOT participate in activities/athletics at their previous school.

The initial application period ended June 4th.  Families can complete this application form and students will be accepted based on the availability of space for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year.

We have developed this resource to answer many of your questions about the school.