What Happens If a Student Has to Quarantine?

Due to COVID-19, it is possible that students may have to quarantine at some point during the school year. A quarantined student is one who has been exposed to COVID-19 and has been told by a medical professional to quarantine as a result of a positive case or being a close contact. 

In order to keep quarantined students connected to their classrooms, they will have online work they can do at home provided by their classroom teacher(s) or a resource teacher provided by JCPS.

Quarantined students will also receive live, online instruction, similar to the Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) they received last school year. These interactive, online lessons will be provided by resource teachers from the district. JCPS will also make “office hours” available so students can ask questions and get support from resource teachers, similar to what they might receive from their classroom teacher(s).

Logging in

Once students are identified as needing to quarantine, the student will receive an emailed invitation to Google Classroom. This invitation will be sent to their JCPS account. Students will choose the appropriate “JCPS Google Classroom” for their grade level.


Students will be counted as present as long as they receive at least six (6) hours, or the equivalent, of instruction through Google Classroom work they can do on their own. They will also have some interaction with a teacher or teachers.

School Contact

Each school will have one person responsible for staying in touch with students while they are quarantined. The staff member will:

  • Check with the student’s teacher (including ECE teachers) to ensure the student is getting the required amount of instruction.
  • Make sure the student has access to the digital resources necessary for continued learning, including a laptop device and Wi-Fi connection, and access to the teacher’s or district Google Classroom.

Special Education (ECE) 

JCPS is required to continue to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for students with disabilities during quarantine. Student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be implemented (along with related services) to the greatest extent possible during any quarantine periods.