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Public School Records Schedule and Additional Documents

Attention: Both of the documents linked below must be inspected to identify your records and determine how long they must be kept.  

The district is no longer under a records destruction hold due to the management audit. Records may be destroyed according to the Public School District Records Retention Schedule supplemented by the JCPS Extended Retention Memorandum.

Kentucky Public School District Records Retention Schedule (updated December 2018)

This is the state's public school records retention schedule, completely revised in June 2015. The schedule is written for use by all public school districts in Kentucky. JCPS staff should match records we hold to the terms and descriptions found here.  

Find the series number, title, description, and retention period here. Use search features in Adobe Reader to search for specific terms.

Previous copies of the schedule are superseded.

The schedule is updated regularly. Please check the update date provided and download a new copy if an update has been posted.



JCPS Extended Retention Memorandum

A local appendix to the public schools retention schedule identifying a few series retained for an additional brief period.  

After finding the series identification in the schedule, consult this to see the extended retention period. Check for the series numbers you identified for the records you are reviewing. Maintain records identified here according to this retention period.

Email Retention at JCPS

We all use email as part of the JCPS team. The email messages we send and receive are public records and need to be kept for a certain period of time. This document provides brief guidance on how long to retain email messages.

Any documentation requesting the schedule date should be completed with the information June 2015.  

Call the Archives and Records Center at (502) 485-3098 for assistance as needed in properly identifying your records.