Archives—Managing Records

Whether records are transferred to the custody of the Archives and Records Center or remain in the custody of the creating school or office, they are managed in the JCPS District according to state and federal laws and regulations. 

Archiving records, wherever they are maintained, requires identification and organization. 

Staff should refer to the public schools records retention schedule and associated documents to properly identify their records and learn their retention periods and disposition instructions. 

The records retention schedule is written for statewide application, so names may vary from local district names for records. 

All instructions refer to the district’s actions, not a particular school or office. The school, office, or Archives maintaining custody is acting on behalf of the district. 

The sections of the schedule, such as Administration or Financial, concern functions, not specific offices, so all school and office personnel may have to check all sections of the public schools records schedule for proper identification. 

Adequate time and knowledge to properly identify the records are critical so that records are properly retained and destroyed. 

Records are records, regardless of format. Electronic records are subject to the same retention and disposition requirements as non-electronic records. See information concerning the management of e-mail and electronic records.  

When storing records or boxing them for transfer, purge files and screen records. Remove all non-record items, such as brochures, newsletters, and all items that have no operational value. Remove duplicates and blank forms. 

Identify the type of correspondence:

  • Official correspondence documents the major functions of the office and the important events in its history. It has a permanent retention period. Correspondence of department heads, superintendents, board members, and principals concerning major policies and functions of their offices and schools falls in this category. 
  • Routine correspondence is not crucial to the preservation of the history of the office or school. It is typically of a non-policy nature and deals with general operations. This type of correspondence is kept for only two years. 

Here are some of the record series most frequently created at the school and office level in the JCPS District.

For information on creating, maintaining, and transferring the Student Cumulative Record Folder (once known as the VISI), contact Data Control—Student Records at phone number 4003211.