Archives—Preparing Records for Archives

Note: See Managing Records for instruction concerning how to identify and organize records, whether for on-site storage or for transfer to the JCPS Archives and Records Center, to comply with federal and state laws and regulations. 

Preparing Records

  1. Obtain approved Archives boxes.
    Boxes for records with indefinite or non-permanent retention are obtained from the warehouse. Order them via Munis with the following commodity code and identification: 
    commodity code 5690090-2008608, Box, Storage 12 x 15 x 10 Archive
    The Archives cannot accept records in other boxes.
    The box identified above has two top flaps that fit together. See this photo. Double-check and make sure the Archives box is used for your records.
  2. Organize your records in the boxes.
  3. Referring to the public schools records retention schedule and associated documents, records preparers organize each box. Boxes should be filled almost to capacity as Archives space limitations prevent the acceptance of partially filled boxes. Records series with similar retention periods may be stored in the same box. Preparers should leave enough space for files to be pulled if necessary.
    Do not mix permanent or long-term records in a box with short-term records. 
  4. Obtain labels for your boxes from the Archives.
    When you know how many boxes you have, call Ext. 3098 and ask for a label per box. These labels have pre-stamped box numbers on them. 
  5. Complete the transmittal forms, and place the labels on the boxes. 
    Using the box label number and the information from the records schedule and associated document, complete a transmittal form for each box. 
    Note: The form is available to download here in a Word format.
    Attach the label to one end of the box. Do not write on the box. 
    Here is a document providing examples of how to complete and place the label and how to complete the transmittal form
  6. Include necessary information on the transmittal forms.
    If records have an indefinite retention, specify in the description when the records will meet the criteria in the records schedule’s disposition instructions. Consult the Archives as necessary. 
    Include information in the description area that would identify specific boxes. This could include the alphabetical sequence of files in the box or a list of file titles if the records are organized by subject, such as school names.  
  7. Submit the transmittals to the Archives to request transfer of your records.
    Send one copy of each transmittal to the Archives for review. This initiates the transfer process. 
    Place a second copy of the transmittal inside the matching box. Keep the third copy of the transmittal permanently at your school or office for your records. 
  8. See Transferring Records to Archives for information about the process of transmittal review and records transfer.