Archives - Transferring Records to Archives

  • Schools and offices send transmittals in advance for boxes of records they wish to transfer.  The transmittals are reviewed for correct and necessary information.
  • Transmittals are permanent records. Send paper forms to the Archives via the pony mail. The Archives is not able to accept them via fax.
  • Transmittals should be sent in one group for review.  If schools or offices are still preparing records while some transmittals are sent in, the Archives will hold transmittals until all are submitted before the review is completed and transfers are approved and arranged.
  • People preparing records and their accompanying transmittals should be available to answer questions about the records. If unusual circumstances will cause the preparer not to be available, he or she should identify who will be able to answer questions about the records.  
  • Account for time needed for records review – send transmittals in time for any questions that might arise and consider time needed for coordination and pick up of boxes. Completion of the process will be delayed if consultation is needed with staff not scheduled to work.  
  • Following successful review, we will communicate with your school or office to make sure all transmittals have been submitted.
  • If all records are ready and approved, we will authorize the pickup or delivery of the records and make arrangements. Transfers may rely on other departments to complete and their workload may affect the timing. 
  • If you haven’t received our authorization, we have not yet accepted the requested transfer.  Check with the Archives about the status.