Fatherhood Male Involvement

All are welcome and appreciated!

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for every Head Start/Early Head Start child to have a significant positive male role model in his or her life

Goals and Objectives

  • Recruit Head Start families, fathers, and significant males as positive role models.
  • Develop and maintain male/fatherhood skills for continued and increased family growth and support.
  • Facilitate male involvement networking.
  • Share strategies for significant male involvement.
  • Enhance and develop services for JCPS Head Start/Early Head Start Program.
  • Understand male-related issues and attitudes and how they affect children and families.
  • Build effective communication skills.

Activities and Events

  • Collaborate with existing Head Start partners to increase family literacy, classroom volunteering, and male program participation.
  • Participate in, conduct, and facilitate a male involvement retreat, conferences(s), workshop(s), and other training.
  • Conduct a closing activity and/or a male involvement recognition program/training event.

Primary Focus

  • Mentor males.
  • Motivate and pull together fathers, other male family members, and other significant male role models.
  • Build the number of males involved in the Head Start/Early Head Start Program.


For more information, contact the Head Start/Early Head Start Parent Involvement coordinator at (502) 485-3919.

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