Archives - Common Records Series Used in Schools and Offices

This list identifies some of the most common records series found in JCPS District schools and offices. Use these series titles and numbers to locate the series information and retention periods in the resource documents available on the Public School Records Schedule page. We suggest using Adobe Reader or a similar product to search the documents in their PDF form for more information on these series and to identify other series for other types of records created at your location.

  • L5294—Accounts Payable—vouchers, purchase orders, travel expenses, any bills paid 
  • L5282—Accounts Receivable—money taken in
  • L5341—Student Activity Fund File—records of any transactions in student activity funds
  • L5283—Banking Records File—statements, deposit slips, other banking records
  • L5240—Attendance Records File—a one-year series used to report information to Pupil Personnel about attendance
  • L2637—Class Record Book—This is the grade book.
  • L2636—Teacher Plan Book
  • L5260—Time and Attendance Program File—time sheets; payroll sheets; records about employees' time worked, including extra service
  • Food Services series—See the Food Service bookmark in the records schedule for series used by cafeterias and food services in the schools.
  • L2408—Field Trip Request File

If you have questions about these series or other types of records, please call (502) 485-3098.