See How to Grow Food for Us!

Bid Opportunities

If you are interested in bidding with JCPS on any of the Goods and Services bids it is necessary for your company to be registered with eSchoolMall , our on-line bidding solution provider. There is no cost for you to register, to receive alerts from us, or to participate in JCPS bids on eSchoolMall. Visit the eSchoolMall site or contact our purchasing department for more information.
Produce Calculator
The produce calculator was developed to help producers and food service personnel to calculate quantities and costs of various fruits and vegetables. 

Distribution template
 The template allows producers to assess and compare the costs of alternative transportation/distribution methods and determine their farm-level returns for each unit of produce marketed through the FTS program. 
Kentucky Farm to School Handbook
This manual is designed to be a practical tool for school food service directors, farmers and community members interested in feeding Kentucky food to Kentucky kids in Kentucky schools.  Find helpful tools and realistic advice on how to implement Farm to School Program.

Best Practices for Handling Produce in Schools