Deeper Learning


JCPS is committed to transforming teaching and learning by implementing Vision 2020, the district’s newly adopted strategic plan. Deeper learning, a goal that “each student will progress toward mastery of both academic standards and the development of capacities and dispositions necessary for success in college, career, community, and life,” is both at the core of and threaded throughout Vision 2020.

Individuals learn in, through, and from meaningful relationships, experiences, and environments. Deeper learning is grounded in helping learners develop the social, emotional, and intellectual knowledge, skills, capacities, and dispositions to thrive in school and beyond through the cultivating of the following:

  • Caring, constructive learning relationships
  • Meaningful, personalized, real-world learning experiences
  • Supportive, equity-focused learning environments


In June 2016, the Jefferson County Board of Education (JCBE) adopted a Deeper Learning Framework, which came from multiple stakeholder voices, including teachers, district leaders, students, parents, and community leaders focusing on the question, “Who do we want our students to become?”

JCPS Deeper Learning Framework diagram, see outline at bottom of page

The framework provides our JCPS community with a common language around deeper learning as well as providing us with capacities and dispositions for initial focus. Deeper learning focuses on improving the powers of learners to think, communicate, and care throughout the day and throughout their learning journeys in JCPS and beyond. By thoughtfully elevating the development of intellectual, social, and emotional learning into daily teaching, weaved into the learning experiences and environments of all learners, deeper learning will serve as a powerful, proactive approach to developing constructive behaviors, individually and collectively, tied to the real, intrinsic motivations of each learner and his or her desire to find meaning and make a difference.

Planning Group

A Deeper Learning Planning Group was formed in March 2016 (consisting of representatives from each of the JCPS divisions) to begin formulating initial work around deeper learning. A synthesis of deeper learning history, work, and exemplars was developed to build our internal knowledge base around the work. A JCPS Convening was also held in July 2016 to gather stakeholders across the district, including principals, teachers, and district administrators for the purpose of dialoguing, planning, and reflecting the implications of deeper learning for JCPS. The synthesis and the Convening presentation are available below.

Our next steps are to develop our implementation plan and to gather more information about how people want to stay engaged in this work.

JCPS Connections

Many JCPS initiatives are already supporting deeper learning in our district. A sample of some of the initiatives are below:

Helpful Resources to Get Started

Deeper Learning Framework Outline

Three circles intersecting as follows

Caring-the power to relate constructively to self & other

  • Perseverance
  • Compassion
  • Respect

Thinking-the power to think critically, creatively & productively

  • Innovation
  • Reflection
  • Problem-solving

Communicating-the power to interpret, express & influence

  • Negotiation
  • Voice
  • Collaboration

Three circles overlapped = Me-becoming