5 QUESTIONS WITH: Lonnie Golston

Each day, you will find him supporting Waggener High School teachers and staff members and encouraging students to have high expectations. 

By Toni Konz-Tatman | JCPS Communications

He's the friendly face that greets each person who enters Waggener High School, but did you know that Lonnie Golston is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and that he is a Prince Hall Mason? Each day, you will find him supporting teachers and staff members and encouraging all students to have high expectations. 

  1. Where are you from, and where did you go to school? I was born and raised here in Louisville. I graduated from Louisville Male School (Class of 1975)
  2. How did you become involved with working for Jefferson County Public Schools? After graduating from U of L in 1997 with a degree in Pan African Studies, I worked at Coca Cola Company for nine years to help pay for my oldest daughter to attend Tennessee State University. I then felt the need to use my degree to create a career which lead me to apply to JCPS for the opportunities. I have always been a mentor to younger people and found that I was fairly good at it.
  3. What do you do each day? I am the receptionist and I monitor lunch detention. I also answer the door and phone as well as assist with the attendance office, substitutes, open classrooms and other duties assigned by administration. 
  4. What is your favorite part of the job? I mentor our Men Of Quality group in hopes to help our young men set goals, realize their future belongs to those who are prepared, and be role models who can share their time, resources, and efforts in giving back to the community (much of what has been given to them).   
  5. You often talk about the Four Pillars of Success with students -- why is that important? Our school mission "Making all students college and career ready, one Wildcat at a time" helps me focus on giving our students some simple tools that will hopefully turn on that light bulb of understanding that may help make them successful in life if used wisely. (The Four Pillars of Success are: Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Prepared. Be Responsible.)

5 Questions With” is an ongoing series created by the JCPS Communications Department that spotlights our employees. If you know someone in the district who you would like to see featured, please email us.