Helping Schools Build a Sense of Belonging for Every Individual (Students, Staff, and School Community)

The Social Emotional Learning Department will help foster a healthy and positive school culture in which all students experience equally supportive learning environments and opportunities that help them learn and thrive.

The goal of the Social Emotional Learning Department is to train, coach, and support school staff to create positive school culture and climate in every building that is most conducive for learning for every student. 

The purpose/role of the department is to assist with implementation of Vision 2020 with a specific focus on Strategies 2.1.2 – Cultivate a Growth Mindset and 2.1.3 – Improve Culture and Climate. The department will:

  • Implement evidence-based approaches to improving school culture and climate for staff and students districtwide.
  • Systemically use data to maintain awareness, reflection, and target improvements.
  • Offer intensive training on real-world challenges.