Choices Guide

At Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), we have high expectations for each of our students and proudly offer a variety of schools, programs, and activities to engage your child throughout his or her academic journey. 

As a leading school district, JCPS provides unique learning opportunities to more than 100,000 students across 168 schools. Together, we aim to inspire, uplift, and enable our students to reach their greatest potential in an ever-changing world.

All of our schools share an unwavering focus on three key pillars, which collectively are earning JCPS national recognition for our transformative approaches to education: Backpack of Success Skills, Racial Equity, and Culture and Climate.

From technology to visual and performing arts to sports and physical fitness, JCPS elementary students can explore their favorite subjects, while they build solid skills in core subjects. Our highly experienced teachers, new education technology, family-support services, and inviting campuses make JCPS an exceptional place for your child to learn and grow. 

Take a moment to review the school choices we’ve outlined, and see how they align with your child’s individual goals and plans. Click on the book covers below for a pdf version or view a plain text versions of these guides here for Elementary, Middle, and High that can be translated into multiple languages using the globe feature near the upper right hand corner of this website

Elementary Choices Brochure Cover

Middle Schools Choices Brochure Cover

High School Choices Brochure Cover
opciones de primarias
opciones de secundarias
opciones de preparatorias
arabic choices guide cover elementary
arabic choices guide cover middle
arabic choices guide cover high
nepali choices book cover elementary
nepali choices book cover middle
nepali choices book cover high
swahili choices book cover elementary
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