HR—State of Kentucky Contract-Ready Checklist

Candidates trained in Kentucky will need to provide the following to the Division of Educator Licensure and Quality:

  • A completed CA-1 application form
  • Official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate coursework​
  • Passing Praxis II Specialty Area test scores for each area of certification and the Principles of Learning and Teaching test score for appropriate grade range
  • A completed state and federal background check is required. This is done through an outside agency (Criminal Background Check Information).
  • Verification of completion of teacher preparation program from the preparing college or university (Section 5 of CA-1)

JCPS Human Resources Contract-Ready Checklist

  • Completed Teacher Education Preparation Program
  • Applied for a Kentucky Teacher Certificate through the Division of Educator Licensure and Quality—You will need to complete a CA-1 form.
  • Completed online application with JCPS Job List (JCPS Employment Opportunities)
  • Provided contact information for five professional references on online application
  • Followed up with references to ensure completion/submission
  • Uploaded Kentucky Teacher Certificate to JCPS Online Application System
  • Uploaded transcripts to JCPS Online Application System (Note: Upload your most current transcripts. They can be unofficial for now. When you earn your degree, update the transcript on file to show your degree has been conferred. Upon hiring, you will be asked to provide official transcripts, which show your degree has been conferred. Hold the sealed envelopes to present at contract signing.
  • Uploaded Letter of Interest (Please include summary of leadership experience, impact of candidate on student success, and leadership style.)
  • Completed Teacher Urban Fit Assessment

Contact a Human Resource representative if you have any questions about the application process.