Guidelines & Preparation

Follow these guidelines when creating documents that will represent your department or school. 

  • Include the name of our school district, Jefferson County Public Schools, on the front of your document.
  • Include the JCPS logo and the Equal Opportunity Employment statement somewhere on your document. (See below.)
  • For Central Office documents, use the official JCPS colors (from the logo) in your design: Pantone 186 red, 377 green, 3145 teal, and 661 blue. 

Detailed Information on Using Logos in the District

Using the JCPS Logo

The official JCPS District logo must appear on all publications produced by every school or department. Logo and more detailed usage information.

Including the Equal Opportunity Statement

The federal government requires the following statement to appear on every printed document produced in the district:
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer Offering Equal Educational Opportunities