How to Request a Job

Having projects produced within JCPS gives you the benefit of working with a team who understands your needs and supports the vision of the district.

1. Complete the order form.

  • Completely fill out the form, being sure to include the job title and the dimensions of the document.
  • Provide the Munis code for billing.

2. Complete online once your connected to the JCPS network.

Materials Production Job Request. Chrome or FireFox only.

Materials Production Online Order

JCPS-connected devices only
Chrome or Firefox

3. We do the work.

If we are designing your project, you’ll receive a PDF proof for approval prior to print.

You can choose to have the finished product delivered, or you can pick it up at our office.

4. We bill at the end of the month.

At the end of the month, after your job is printed, you will receive a bill for the work. We charge only for our cost of materials. Creative services are free, including web design.