Shop Descriptions

Carpenter/Lock Shop

The Carpenter Shop is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of doors, floor tile, ceiling tile, and shelving; sanding and refinishing of wood floors; and repair of wooden sashes. The carpenter shop also designs, fabricates, and installs some cabinets and office counters.

Locksmiths install, maintain, and repair all locks within the district, including classroom, desk, and cabinet locks as well as panic hardware and door closures. At present, the district is working toward installing the Best A4 key system in all facilities.

Electric Shop

Electricians are primarily responsible for maintenance, installation, and repair of all electrical power systems, including power distribution equipment, panels and switch gear, interior and exterior lighting systems, master clock systems, emergency and exit lighting, and back-up generators.

Electronic technicians are responsible for maintenance, installation, and repair of all fire alarms. The technicians perform the annual inspection required by the state.

Kitchen equipment repair workers are responsible for all maintenance and repair of kitchen equipment in conjunction with the School and Community Nutrition Services Department. This includes an extensive preventive maintenance program.

Grounds/Tractor Shop

The Grounds Shop is responsible for mowing, tree maintenance/removal, fencing, concrete maintenance and construction, paving repair, flag pole repair/relocation, snow removal, moving of heavy equipment, installation of traffic signs, mulch, assisting in playgrounds, outside classrooms, wetlands, and drainage.

Metal Shop

The Metal Shop is responsible for welding and sheet metal work, handrails, windows (latch repairs), and approved building modifications. This includes repairs to broken backboards (glass with metal trim), chin-up bars, basketball goal cables, bleachers that are off track or will not pull out, lockers, metal shelving, reset manhole covers, and loose aluminum siding.

Paint/Glass Shop

The Paint/Glass Shop is made up of painter/glaziers, plasterers, and helpers.

Shade repair workers are responsible for repairing all window shades, stage curtains, projection screens, and stage rigging in the district. In the summer, an extensive preventive maintenance program is followed, so all shades in high schools are checked and repaired. This process normally takes four work days at each high school.

The Paint/Glass Shop also is responsible for the repair or replacement of broken windows, the painting of small areas and touch-up painting until a complete interior/exterior painting of a building is scheduled, the repair of plaster walls, the striping of parking lots and playgrounds, the removal of graffiti, and the fabrication of name plates, room numbers, and small signs. This shop works on second shift while school is in session.

Paint Projects Shop

The major purpose of this shop is the total repainting, both interior and exterior, of schools on a fixed time schedule. Presently, each school is scheduled for a complete painting on a 17-year rotation. The Paint Projects Shop is also responsible for restriping and painting logos on wooden gym floors on a regular schedule—as well as screen discing and resealing on an annual basis. All Paint Projects employees are temporary employees in maintenance, but they are either full-time employees in other areas of the school system or are retired from it. The Paint Projects Shop works on second shift while school is in session.

Plumbing Shop

Plumbers are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of all aspects of plumbing, including the repair of faucets, sinks, toilets, urinals, water coolers, fountains, installation valves, drainage and vent lines, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, sump pumps, lift stations, water tempering valves, sprinklers, fire hydrants, Siamese connections for fire departments, water mains (domestic and fire), back-flow preventers, and booster heaters.

Renovation Shop

The Renovation Shop completes all renovation projects as requested by school personnel, facility planning, and the space utilization committee. They repair and replace ceramic and quarry tile, upgrade ceilings and lights when determined appropriate, and form the preventive maintenance program.

Roof Shop

The roof shop is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all roofs in the district, including modified gravel and tar, pitch, shingle, and metal roofs. The Roof Shop also is responsible for the fabrication and installation of downspouts and gutters.