Area Assignments

Academic Achievement Areas

The Security and Investigations Unit has three investigators responsible for investigating criminal and administrative issues in the district. Every location is assigned geographically to an investigator. Each investigative area is assigned a number, and each investigator (listed below) works certain areas.

Main Office: (502) 485-3111

Joye Keeley (Estes)

(502) 817-6488,

  • High School—Butler, Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP), Valley, Western, Doss, Fairdale, Iroquois, DuPont Manual/Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS)
  • Middle School—Conway, Farnsley, Frost, Johnson Traditional, Noe, Olmsted Academy North and South, Stuart
  • Elementary School—Cane Run, Crums Lane, Dixie, Eisenhower, Greenwood, Johnsontown Road, Kerrick, Medora, Mill Creek, Sanders, Schaffner Traditional, Shacklette, Watson Lane, Wellington, Wilkerson, Auburndale, Cochran, Coral Ridge, Fairdale, Gutermuth, Hazelwood, Jacob, Kenwood, Layne, McFerran Preparatory Academy, Rutherford, Simple, Stonestreet, Trunnell, Newcomer Academy
  • Other—Waller-Williams Environmental, Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program (TAPP)
  • Compounds—Hoke, Lees Lane, Special Needs West, Detrick, Jacob, Nichols


(502) 817-0478,

  • High School—Liberty, Louisville Male, Marion C. Moore School, Southern, Fern Creek, Jeffersontown, Seneca
  • Middle School—Jefferson County Traditional Middle School (JCTMS), Knight, Lassiter, Thomas Jefferson, Carrithers, W.E.B. DuBois Academy, Newburg, Ramsey
  • Elementary School—Audubon, Blake, Blue Lick, Brandeis, Camp Taylor, Carter Traditional, Gilmore Lane, Hartstern, Indian Trail, Laukhauf, Minors Lane, Okolona, Slaughter, Smyrna, Wilt, Bates, Cochrane, Farmer, Fern Creek, Goldsmith, Greathouse/Shryock, Jeffersontown, Kennedy, Klondike Lane, Luhr, Price, Rangeland, Tully, Watterson, Wheeler
  • Other—DuValle Education Center, C. B. Young Jr. Service Center, Binet School, Boys Haven, Brooklawn YC, Churchill Park, Minor Daniels Academy, Phoenix @ Myers
  • Compounds—Blue Lick Special Needs East, Moore, Burkes, J-Town

Robert Deacon

(502) 773-7516,

  • High School—Atherton, Eastern, Waggener, Ballard, Brown EMH, Central High School Magnet Career Academy (MCA), Academy @ Shawnee
  • Middle School—Barret Traditional, Crosby, Highland, Myers @ Waggener, Western, Kammerer, Meyzeek, Westport
  • Elementary School—Bloom, Byck, Engelhard, Foster, Hawthorne, Hite, Kennedy Montessori, Lowe, Maupin, Middletown, Shelby Traditional Academy, St. Matthews, Stopher, Wheatley, Young, Atkinson Academy, Bowen, Breckinridge-Franklin, Chancey, Chenoweth, Coleridge-Taylor Montessori, Dunn, Field, King, Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School (LPAS), Norton, Portland, Roosevelt-Perry, Wilder, Zachary Taylor
  • Other—Peace Academy, Breckinridge Metropolitan, Maryhurst, Myers @ Waggener, Ahrens EC, Dawson Orman, Home of the Innocents, Louisville Day Treatment, Rice Audubon, Westport Early Childhood, Newcomer @ Shawnee
  • Compounds—Blankenbaker, Wilhoit